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Master's in physiotherapy and a specialty in pain treatment.
Fysioterapi Nordico is located in Estepona, Spain. Offering treatments in Physiotherapy and Body Composition Analysis. 

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Fysioterapi Nordico

Clinically active physiotherapist since 1987 in Stockholm with a master's degree in physiotherapy and a specialty in pain and pain treatment. In addition to my clinical activities, I have researched at the prestigious Karolinska Institute and published articles in pain, shoulder pain / treatment and migraines. I also have a degree in Orthopedic manual therapy step 2 and an acupuncture degree with further education in China and Japan. I've also been a clinical supervisor at Karolinska Institute’s acupuncture studies as well as a supervisor for students during their specialist training. 

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The concept of physiotherapy is based on a holistic view and includes anamnesis, status, manual specific examination, functional diagnostics and planning of the patient's rehabilitation.

What I can help you with: 

-Muscular trigger points, muscle pain and muscle tension 

-Lumbar spine problems – low back pain, stiffness, dysfunctions, sciatica, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, Spondylolisthesis,  instability, postoperative rehab

 -Hip / Pelvic Disorders , dysfunction, instability, osteoarthritis, trochanterit, postoperative rehab 

-Chest/thoracic problems, dysfunction, stiffness, posture problems, tense and tired back muscles

-Neck problems - Neck disability, stiffness, dysfunction, headaches, dizziness, herniated discs, instability, postoperative rehab 

-Shoulder problems, impingement, frozen shoulder and inflammation of tendons and muscles. 


body composition analysis

Body composition analysis and nutritional counseling including measurement of your body composition using Tanita Dual frequency BIA Technology .You get information on your weight, BMI, BMR (basal metabolism), fat percentage, fat mass (kg), muscle mass (kg), bone mass (kg), total body water percentage and visceral fat (belly fat deep within  your abdominal cavity, surrounding important organs). Studies have shown that obesity and, above all, increased visceral fat increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. With the help of the body composition analysis, you can get a clear overview of your physical status and also get information about the recommended and desired fat percentage and muscle mass based on your age group. 

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